We are always looking for individuals to participate in our experimental research! Please see below, or check the experiment listings for the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland for more opportunities outside of our lab.


Capturing attention

Shifting one’s attention from object to object and location to location is absolutely crucial for purposeful navigation of our complex environments. In the present project, Dr Nathan Ryckman and Associate Professor Tony Lambert are interested in examining factors thought to influence rapid attentional orienting to items positioned in the periphery of our vision, and we intend to do this by comparing responses made by the eyes with responses made by the fingers. Involvement in our study will require approximately 45 minutes, and for this you will be given a $10 voucher as a token of our gratitude for your help. The procedure itself will require no more of you than to view a series of simple visual stimuli and make similarly simple responses to them, both by moving your eyes and by pressing certain keys on a keyboard. If interested in assisting us, please send an email letting us know what day and time you would be available to help.

For further details please contact Dr Nathan Ryckman

This project has been approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 08 June 2017 for three years (until 08 June 2020). Reference Number 019265.