In the School of Psychology, we have access to cutting edge behavioural and cognitive measurement apparatus.

Eye Tracking

  • EyeLink® 1000
  • Pupil Lab Eye Camera (Vive)
  • Pupil Lab World Camera
  • EyeTribe
  • Tobii T120


  • GES 250
  • GES 300
  • Two electrically shielded testing rooms


  • In collaboration with the Centre for Advanced MRI, we have access to a 1.5T Magnetom Avanto Siemens MRI scanner and a 3T Skyra Siemens MRI scanner.

Virtual Reality

  • In collaboration with the Centre for eResearch, we are able to use two full room-scale virtual reality configurations featuring the HTC Vive. Additionally, we integrate the Pupil Lab Eye Camera for eye tracking and gaze contingent design application.